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Talbert Channel Ocean Outlet Maintenance

Sand Removal Image

Talbert Channel Ocean Outlet Maintenance
Removal of Excess Sand / Tidal Blockage

Shifting of Driving Lanes/Closed Lanes



Crews will use large equipment to remove accumulated excess sand from the Talbert Channel outlet in Huntington Beach, as allowed through a regulatory permit.


This activity is needed to remove water flow blockage. It is critical flood control maintenance to allow tidal flushing of the marsh to maintain water quality and protect habitat.

Removing built-up sand at the outlet is often performed as routine maintenance to remove blockages and minimize potential flood risks. It also maintains the natural tidal flow with the adjacent Talbert and Huntington Beach marsh area. Sand will be placed along beach area on the north side of the channel outlet.

Biological monitors will be on site to ensure wildlife is protected at all times.

Your safety is the top priority! Large equipment will be used. Please observe all caution signs / barriers, and stay a safe distance from the work area.


Talbert Channel Maintenance (2024-02-08)








February 8 — 29, 2024

Monday — Saturday
6 am — 6 pm


This schedule is subject to change due to weather and other factors.


Shannon Widor, (714) 667-9759