Business Services

Many services provided by the OC Survey to other County Departments/Divisions are contracted out to the private sector, including Surveying Services, Aerial Photography, Digital Orthophotography, Mapping, and GIS work.

A-E Questionnaire

Architect-Engineer-Surveying (A-E) Firms and other consulting firms that wish to do business with OC Public Works/OC Survey must have an A-E Questionnaire on file with OC Public Works. You may call Gordon Pardee at (714) 967-0821, or download the A-E Questionnaire here and return it. Please supply:

  • Name
  • Firm Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number

Return two copies of your completed A-E questionnaire along with any related company information you would like to include, to the following address:

County Surveyor/Manager
OC Public Works/OC Survey
P.O. Box 4048 Santa Ana, Ca 92702-4048

When we receive this information, one copy will be submitted to OC Public Works/OC Flood so that your company can be placed in our database for access by all OC Public Works/Divisions and one copy will be placed in the OC Survey/LIS Division files. You will be notified of projects that relate to your area(s) of expertise whenever those projects occur. It is suggested that firms wanting to perform work for this or other County Departments/Divisions logon to the CEO/Purchasing site: Bids Auctions Purchasing to register and receive electronic notification of bid solicitations.

Boilerplate Agreements

Boilerplate Agreements are normally utilized for surveying or aerial surveying services (GIS or other services may require custom agreements). For general information on contract requirements such as liability, indemnification and insurance, view the:

You may also view a standardized:

For projects related to aerial photography, digital orthophotography and digital mapping, all work is based on the:

If you have any questions regarding contracting with the County of Orange/OC Public Works/OC Survey you may contact Gordon Pardee, Contract Administrator, at (714) 967-0821

The Contracts Administration Unit, in addition to their general support and purchasing activities for The OC Survey, is considered the Central Repository for OC Public Works for all aerial photography, mapping, and related products.